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A beautiful bread cutting board is helpful in every kitchen. In our online shop you will find the right breadboard for your kitchen. Whether it is an olive wood chopping board or an extra large cutting board for bread, we offer cutting boards in various shapes and sizes. The boards look first class and they are perfect for cutting. Serving on an olive wood board is a stylish alternative to traditional plates. The Mediterranean style fits in every kitchen. A cutting board made of olive wood is the perfect base for cutting food and gives a natural flair. In our online shop you will find beautiful olive wood bowls, natural olive wood bowls, rustic olive wood boards for serving or as breadboard and much more.

Olive wood boards & olive wood cutting boards - a functional assessor in your kitchen

Using an olive wood board as a breadboard will give your kitchen a Mediterranean style. Whether you prefer natural shape or heart shape, here in the online shop you will find olive wood boards in different shapes and sizes. Each cutting board made of olive wood has an individual and natural grain. Each olive wood board is traditionally handcrafted. The boards made of olive wood are a piece of Mediterranean joie de vivre and prepare joy of eating. The boards are of high quality and each one is unique.

Olive wood chopping boards - Mediterranean, rustic, natural

An olive wood chopping board is just as good for cutting bread as it is for cutting other foods. You have the possibility to choose between different shapes and functions. With us you get cutting boards with and without juice groove, round, oval, square, with and without handle. The decision as to which olive wood board it may be is entirely up to you. In addition to a rustic breadboard, a small breakfast platter and cereal bowls made of olive wood are not missing for breakfast. We carry a complete assortment of olive wood, with which you can furnish your kitchen Mediterranean and natural.

Serve Mediterranean lifestyle and "joie de vivre" on an olive wood boards

Olive wood is not only suitable as a breadboard. To ect a hearty ham, a good salami, tapas, snacks. To serve is an olive wood board a beautiful and natural underlay. Impress your guests with Mediterranean naturalness. An olive wood chopping board is rustic and stylish at the same time as any other olive wood board. Food served on an olive wood board will be twice as good for you, your family and guests.

Olive wood shells & olive wood bowls - round naturalness for your home

In our online shop you will find beautiful olive wood bowls and an olive wood bowl for any use. The different sizes and shapes of the olive wood bowls and an olive wood bowl are suitable for any purpose. Whether in the kitchen an olive wood bowl is used for dressing salads or whether you place on the dining table a beautiful olive wood bowl, the natural bowls and bowls are a real eye-catcher and give any interior a Mediterranean flair. A small olive wood bowl may be suitable for the morning cereal, for dips and many other things. We also carry the olive wood bowl in different sizes and shapes. Thus, there is the right olive wood bowl for every taste and function.

Give away Mediterranean naturalness as a gift idea and present

Our olive wood products are an outstanding gift for every chef, hobby cook, babecue lover and anyone who loves the beauty of nature. Whether it should be an olive wood salad bowl for the kitchen or an olive wood fruit bowl, even with an olive wood board you will make someone happy. In our online shop you will find more beautiful gift ideas made of olive wood. The high-quality workmanship and the rustic naturalness are immediately recognizable visually and haptically.

If you want to give away something very individual, which may be functional, then an olive wood bowl or an olive wood board with the natural and unique grain is a suitable gift. Whether rustic breadboard or elegant olive wood bowl, a beautiful large olive wood bowl and the matching cutting board made of olive wood, in our online store you will find from olive wood board to soap dish natural products in the Mediterranean style.

Presents and gift ideas out of olive wood

Mediterranean living with olive wood products

The olive tree has been a legend since biblical times. It was an olive grove in the garden of Getsemaneh, where Jesus was said to have been betrayed by Judas and then arrested. Many believe that even today those olive trees stand in this garden, under which Jesus is said to have prayed with his disciples. This is unlikely, but true: olive trees can reach an age of up to 1,000 years. They are always green plants that drop their leaves as needed. Nevertheless, the flowering always takes place in the spring of each year. All the more valuable are products made of olive wood, whether it is an olive wood bread tray, an olive wood breakfast bar, an olive wood serving tray or an olive wood bowl.

Natural and untreated

All our products - whether an olive wood breadboard, olive wood breakfast board, olive wood serving tray or olive wood bowl - are natural and untreated. They are made from the purest olive wood - partly from centuries old trees. Because the old trees are used for wood. This has a special reason: Olive trees grow slowly, they are cut back again and again and they are very old. An olive tree can live up to 1,000 years and also yield. However, he drops his highest yield at the age of about 20 years, then the harvest decreases continuously. Olive wood is usually made of trees that have already passed their 100th birthday, and we then make our natural and untreated products: an olive wood breadboard, an olive wood breakfast bar, an olive wood serving tray or an olive wood bowl.

Spoons, spatulas, ladles and more

In addition to our standard products such as an olive wood bread tray, olive wood breakfast bar, olive wood serving tray or olive wood bowl, we also offer numerous olive wood accessories. The offer ranges from spoons to salad servers to honey spoons. But you will also find a special risotto spoon in our assortment - as well as a steak board or a heart shaped olive wood board. In the kitchen assistants section there is also an olive oil vinegar and oil section - which you can of course fill with high-quality Mediterranean products such as balsamic vinegar and olive oil. But we also offer mortars and pestles for the professional processing of Mediterranean spices.

Numerous gift ideas made of olive wood

An olive wood breadboard, an olive wood breakfast board, an olive wood serving tray or an olive wood bowl are of course very attractive products - but we also offer many other ideas for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle for special gifts. In addition to the above-mentioned chopping board in heart shape you will also receive an original bottle holder made of olive wood. Also made of olive wood is our soap dish for the bathroom. Small bowls are just as versatile as cans made entirely of olive wood with a lid - they are used, for example, for storing herbs or spices. As you can see, the uses for the wood of this legendary tree are almost unlimited, as well as the uses of its fruits, which have been part of every meal in the Mediterranean for millennia.

Take advantage of this natural product for your kitchen!